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Welcome to My View Screen!

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This is it. This is the beginning of my new blog. And this is the next step for civilization as we know it. We are no longer content with just consuming entertainment; we have to be a part of it. The old axiom “everyone’s a critic” was never more true than it is today. The content is there: physical and digital media is cheaper and easier to access then ever. From picking up the latest new release for only $1 from the closest RedBox machine to instantly streaming our favorite movies and TV shows online, we don’t have to look very far or wait for very long to get what we want. And the interaction is there: the internet connects us to each other faster than ever. Following others through social media like Facebook, commenting on YouTube videos, or posting your own blogs and rants are only a mouse click or touch screen away. When was the last time you were watching a movie, and were already thinking of what you were going to post on Facebook before it was even finished?

In some ways, this consume-comment-cycle is a one way street. A very crowded street. But, sometimes, the consumers can drive the content. They can push the creators to do something they weren’t originally planning to do, or even change something after it’s already been released. Where these crowded streets of comments are going, and how far the creators will be driven, remains to be seen. But mark my words, this is a new beginning, the next step of our civilization.

For my part, I’m expanding my habits of simply commenting on other websites to writing my own blog. My hopes for this blog are to connect the different screens from which I consume entertainment into one main screen. My View Screen will then connect with others that hopefully read my blog, and find we have things in common. Maybe you won’t share my views on certain movies or video games, but you might share my view on others. That is the best way any of us can hope to make sense of that crowded-comment street; pick those views that mirror your own, and those views might help you make better, informed decisions. In the mean time, don’t be afraid to also look at things from a different view. After all, isn’t that the best result from consuming (and contributing to) entertainment? This is how we learn, grow, and advance our civilization: sharing our views.

In other words, every day you see what I’m writing on my blog, you’ll get to see what’s new. . . on My View Screen.


2 comments on “Welcome to My View Screen!

  1. Andrew Mair
    February 16, 2013

    Have you heard about the new teleported by Sony? You know that ones close. We are nearly in Star Trek world. I mean I sell immersive telepresence video conferencing. It’s almost a holo deck.

  2. rvoneil
    February 17, 2013

    Great! I need a notice when you post! 🙂

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